The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees
Everything you need to know about infection control and the start of studies:

Safe intro week on campus

The new students get to know the campus extra well during this year's intro week. In order to ensure the best possible protection against infection, most of the events this year have been moved to campus, also evening events.

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The start of the semester for the new students consists of both academic and social events. The new students get mentors, get to know their academic environment, campus and each other. In the evening, the stage is set for social gatherings and buddy week events.

The increased infection pressure in Bergen has meant that the intro week events must be divided into smaller groups and located to alternative premises. It is now clear that most of the events will be on UiB's campus, in connection with canteens and in tents outside.

- It is important that we get to arrange a intro week that is safe and inclusive for the new students, says rector Margareth Hagen.

Hagen is happy that the intro week events are held in small groups and on campus. This is the first time UiB has facilitated the intro week in this way.

Both Bergen municipality and UiB want an organized intro week rather private events.

Important with organized events

Intro week coordinator at UiB Martin Jakobsen is also pleased that UiB is now providing premises for the intro week events.

- We have taken the increased infection pressure seriously, and canceled all the major events, says Jakobsen.

Efforts have been made to ensure the students will have an organized intro week despite the pressure of infection.

- We have many good and infection prevention-friendly events in the intro week. It is very important for the new students that their study life gets a good start, says Jakobsen.

Canteens and outdoor areas will be used

The events during this year's intro week will use canteens and outdoor areas throughout the campus. Tents, fences and toilet facilities will be set up where necessary. Tents and canteens will be available for events between 18-00.30 every day between 16 and 21 August.

At campus, there will be party tents and premises in accordance with the infection control rules, a bar with serving and sound systems. Infection control guards will be present to ensure safe and good events. All events follow national and local infection control measures, including lower music, and open outdoor seating throughout the opening hours.

Offers rapid tests on campus

Until further notice, students will be able to use different mobile rapid test stations at Nygårdshøyden. See below for locations and opening hours.

Rapid tests: How does it work?

You do not need an appointment to take the test, and it is free. Those who are tested can leave right after the test has been performed, and will not be quarantined. If a test should show that a student may be infected, he or she will be contacted directly with information about what to do next.

NB: The rapid test stations for students are a preventive measure in connection with the start of studies. If you think you may be infected with corona, have been confirmed close contact or want to test yourself out of quarantine after a trip abroad, you must visit the municipality's test center.

Here you will find the rapid test stations

The test stations will be open until further notice. Self-tests are on the way. All students are will be able to take self-tests in the info center at their faculty. More information about use and pick-up place will come.

Corona certificate will not be used

There may be various reasons why not all students are vaccinated at the start of their studies. The university is open to everyone, and we do not differentiate between unvaccinated and vaccinated students. A corona certificate will therefore not be used in connection with the start of studies.

The infection control rules still apply

At the start of their studies, the new students will meet many new and old friends. UiB will facilitate so that the start of studies and the intro week will be a social and inclusive time.

- We encourage all our sponsors to follow the infection control rules and recommend everyone to meet outdoors as much as possible, says Martin Jakobsen.

He looks forward to a safe, social and inclusive study start week.

- Now we look forward to welcoming the new students. For many students, the intro week is a gateway for the student community, the university and the student city of Bergen. Now we are able to facilitate for the students to meet, and this means a lot, Jakobsen concludes.

Tuition and distance requirements: Currently maintains the plan to use every other seat

On Friday, the news came that the government is removing the one-meter requirement in higher education. UiB is pleased that we are gradually returning to a more normal situation on campus and that the students are given priority. At the same time, Bergen is in a special situation right now, with a high infection pressure. UiB's main focus is to ensure a safe start to the semester, and to do what we can to prevent infection from spreading on campus. The municipality therefore recommends UiB to, for the time being, to maintain the planned arrangements regarding the use of every other seat in teaching rooms, in combination with some digital teaching.