The Coronavirus – Information for Students and Employees

The corona measures will be phased out on 25. September

The Government will discontinue most of the corona measures from Saturday 25. September. Here you will find more information about how the changes will affect you.

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The Government has today decided that Norway will move to a normal everyday life with increased preparedness on Saturday 25 September at 16.00. However, the world is still in a pandemic and the organization must be prepared for changes that may require measures to be implemented at short notice.

The following points are relevant for on-campus activities at UiB:

  • - The one meter rule no longer applies
  • - All restrictions on events and gatherings will be lifted

Advice regarding respiratory symptoms

  • If you get symptoms of a respiratory infection, you ought to stay at home and get tested. This also applies to people who are vaccinate. You must be in isolation if you have a confirmed coronavirus infection.
  • Employees and students should have a negative covid-19 test before returning.
  • When you have tested negative for covid-19, and the symptoms are mild and the general condition is not affected, you do not need to stay at home.
  • Even if infection control measures on campus cease, there will still be extra focus on hygiene measures, such as the use of hand sanitizer.

As soon as possible, UiB will remove all markings and barriers related to the 1-meter rule. Changes will also be made to the booking system for reading rooms and library areas, and capacity will be increased to normal levels. Infection control guards are discontinued immediately, but the guards who are booked next week will be assisting in the preparation for normal everyday life.

Home office

Individual arrangements related to the use of home offices at UiB, that are related to the pandemic, will be lifted as soon as practicable in dialogue between manager and employee, and no later than during the next week. Any agreement on a home office after this will be agreed with the line managers in accordance with negotiated agreement.


Since March 2020, Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a global travel advice regarding all travels that are not strictly necessary.

This will be repealed from 1 October, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will rather give travel advice to countries and areas that there is special reason to avoid, as we were used to before the pandemic.

Please use the Reiseklar app to stay informed about the entry rules that apply in the country you want to visit.

Entry restrictions are also gradually being phased out.

Thanks to all UiB students and employees

UiB will unpublish pages related to corona information at UiB.

The university leadership would like to thank all employees, students, union representatives and safety representatives for the extraordinary efforts they have made to deal with the pandemic for 561 days since 12 March 2020. Thanks to your effort, UiB has come through the pandemic in a good way!