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Biomedical Research Course

  • ECTS credits3
  • Teaching semesterSpring, Autumn
  • Course codeBMED900
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Course description

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Course content

This course is offered to candidates when they start their PhD period. The course will provide useful information and hints about the PhD program, in addition to facilitate exchange of technical expertise and experience across department and faculty borders with the intention to foster collaborative efforts. The course is tailored for PhD candidates in the field of Biomedicine, Molecular Biology and similar, and is adapted to fit biomedical research.

The course will run over three years to regularly offer training in subjects useful for a PhD. This will result in candidates that hold special expertise and are capable to finalize a PhD thesis and defense of high scientific quality.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course the candidate should be able to:


  • Give a scientific presentation and discuss the other candidates projects. Ask critical questions and receive criticism in scientific discussions.
  • Discuss new knowledge that has arisen from one´s own project work.
  • Master and evaluate various scientific issues and methods.

Skills and General Competency

  • Present and discuss the most central and relevant findings.
  • Participate in scientific discussion.
  • Know where to find competence in different fields connected to the PhD project.
  • Have a multidisciplinary knowledge of the various methods used within different research fields, their applications, limitations and benefits.
  • Be in a position to exchange technical expertise and experience, foster collaborative efforts, which in the long term will improve the general scientific quality.
  • Contribute to scientific interaction among researchers in basic medical science.
  • Can use tools necessary to complete a PhD education, such as Excel, Photoshop, statistics, etc.
  • The candidates will acquire specific skills and competences.

Study period

INACTIVE: this class will be reorganized. It will not take place until further notice.

Credits (ECTS)


Specific terms

Course registration and deadlines

The course is suspended and will be reorganized.


Master degree in dentistry, medicine, or other relevant scientific field.

Recommended previous knowledge


Part of training component

Recommended as part of the training component for candidates associated with Bergen Biomedical Research School (BBRS) and the Department of Biomedicine.

Form of assessment

To pass the course, the candidate must:

  • Participate in the introductory half-day seminar with presentation of Department of Biomedicine, and attend the site-visits to the different departments in the MCB research school
  • Pass the oral presentation
  • Participation in the discussions
  • Participate in 80 % of the annual courses
  • Submit material prior to the annual courses

Grading Scale:

Pass / Fail

Course overlap


Who may participate

The course is primarily intended for PhD candidates at the Department of Biomedicine, but may also be offered to students in the medical research programme and PhD candidates.

Addtional information

Supplementary course information

  •  One-day seminar with presentation of the research school, introduction to what a PhD is, information about the training component. This is followed by an introduction to scientific methods at the platforms at the Department of Biomedicine. A similar introduction to the facilities at the Department of Informatics, Department of Biology, the Computational Biology Unit and the SARS Centre will also be undertaken.
  • One half-day seminar with project presentations by candidates and a scientific discussion.
  • Two-day course with subjects useful for a PhD education. 1-2 subjects per course (examples of subjects: Excel, Photoshop, scientific writing course, statistics, presentation technique,etc.). Prepare a piece of work prior to the course. In addition, groupwork during the two days where the participants are tested in topics being reviewed.
  • Two-day course in new subjects during the second and third year of the PhD period.

As this course is tailored to biomedical research, the courses will cover subjects with relevant problems.

Prior to each course, the attendants are asked to prepare a piece of work on the subject of the course. For instance, a draft of the abstract and introduction before the scientific writing course, a figure prior to the Photoshop course and a presentation for the presentation technique course.


phd@biomed.uib.no / +47 55 58 63 70

Academic responsibility

Marion Kusche-Gullberg


Reading list

Given out in conjunction with the courses.

Course location

Department of Biomedicine, Faculty of Medicine

Study period

INACTIVE: this class will be reorganized. It will not take place until further notice.