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Biomedical Research Course: Molecular Techniques for Cloning and Expressing of Eukaryotic Proteins

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Course description

Language of instruction

Norwegian. Individual supervision in English for English-speaking participants.

Course content

The aim is to provide the candidate with practical experience in selected techniques of cloning, PCR and protein expression as well as the underlying theoretical basis for these methods and other similar techniques. In addition, literature and guidance in advanced techniques that the candidate will need, will be given.The candidate should be able to perform similar experiments on their own based on practical and theoretical knowledge gained during the course.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course the candidate should:

- Master basic knowledge of the practical methods used in the laboratory course and have knowledge of and be able to use other relevant molecular biological techniques adapted to the candidate's PhD project.

- Master simple cloning, PCR analysis, and to express recombinant proteins in bacteria and be able to use SDS-gel electrophoresis and Western blot techniques.

- Be able to acquire knowledge of and master the common molecular biological techniques.

Study period

This course is only taught in the spring semester.

Credits (ECTS)


Specific terms

Course registration and deadlines

PhD students at the University of Bergen must register via StudentWeb (http://studentweb.uib.no) before course start.

PhD students at other Norwegian institutions can apply as external visitig students to the Faculty of Medicine using this form: https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=2685067. Deadline: December 1 for spring semester. The applicants must document that they are registered at their home institution. Acceptance is dependent on course availability and personal background. Once you have external visiting student rights, register for the course via StudentWeb before the course start.

Foreign students may participate depending on their scientific background and course availability.

Part of training component

Recommended as part of the training component for PhD candidates at the Department of Biomedicine.

Form of assessment

Oral examination
Grading scale: A-F

Who may participate

PhD candidates in natural/medical sciences.
The course is primarily intended for PhD candidates who are supervised at the Department of Biomedicine, but may also be applicable to candidates within the biomedical research field (medicine or natural sciences) in other departments.

Additional information

Supplementary course information

Compulsory requirements: approved lab journal

Note: if there are few participants the teaching methods can be adjusted in agreement with the participants in order to accomodate the learning outcomes for the participants.


A full week with lectures and laboratory work under supervision from 8.00-16.00 each day followed by completion of a written lab journal the subsequent week + preparation for the lab course. Total 50 hours. In addition literature of about 200 pages in recent original research articles and reviews adapted particularly to the needs of the candidate.


PhD-coordinator at Department of Biomedicine
phd.biomed@uib.no / (+47) 55 58 63 70

Academic responsibility

Anni Vedeler

Course location

Bygg for Biologisk Basalfag
Department of Biomedicine, Faculty of Medicine


Exam information

Study period

This course is only taught in the spring semester.