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CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium

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The main ambition of the Symposium Series is to improve scientific interaction and networking between the different groups at the Centre for Cancer Biomarkes (CCBIO).

Moreover the symposia will be an arena where the PhD candidates will gain experience with oral presentations, academic discussions and scientific thinking. Participants will be able to exchange technical expertise, experience and practice with the aim of improving the scientific quality for all.

The symposia are held twice every semester. Each symposium is in a format, where ca. six PhD candidates and/or Post Doc¿s each give a 20 min presentations, followed by a short discussion. The participants are chosen based on shared thematic focus, e.g. based on a common method or a similar biological question. The chair of the symposium is a senior scientist, who also initiates and leads the discussion

Learning outcomes


  • Conduct a scientific presentation (about own methods and problems of discussion).
  • Analyze, give a systematic account of, and give an independent assesment of new knowledge that has arisen from one´s own project work.


  • Be able to identify, analyze and discuss the most central and relevant findings from own work.
  • Can handle complex academic issues and challenge established knowledge and practice in the field.
  • Give and receive academic criticism of a high standard.

General Competency

  • Discuss and assess the use of the various methods used within different research fields, their applications, limitations and benefits.
  • Exchange technical expertise and experience, foster collaborative efforts, which in the long term will improve the general scientific quality.
  • Can communicate and carry out independent research in recognized national and international channels.
  • Contribute to scientific interaction among researchers in medical science.

Study period

Spring and autumn (2 consecutive semesters). 

Credits (ECTS)


Specific terms

Course registration and deadlines

Candidates at the University of Bergen must register via StudentWeb (http://studentweb.uib.no) before deadline: 1. February/1. September.


Master's degree or equivalent education level is required, with the exception of students on the Medical Student Research Programme.

Recommended previous knowledge

Medical or health related educational background or PhD project related to medical / health related research.

Part of training component

Recommended as part of the training component for all candidates affiliated with the CCBIO Research School for Cancer Studies (RSCS)

Form of assessment

To pass the course, the candidate must:

  • participate actively in a minimum of 4 symposia (attendance will be registered), 5 hours each, including preparation (20h).
  • write a 3 pages long scientific report from 4 elective presentations, The reports must be handed in 1 week after chosen presentations. Requiring 15 hours each, including preparation (60h).
  • give an oral presentation based on his/her own method(s) at one of these symposia, 10 hours included preparation.

90 hours in total.

The reports will be assessed by the course coordinator.

The presentations will be evaluated by the course coordinators. 

Grading scale:

Pass / Fail

Who may participate

The course is primarily intended for PhD candidates who are affiliated with the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO), but is also open to other students, PhD candidates and students at the Medical Student Research Program

Addtional information

Supplementary course information

Each symposium will last for 4 hours, and consist of presentations with discussion and feedback.

Each participant will have to make his/her own presentation based on relevant methods and approach to their scientific problems. He/she will also have to make an abstract (ca. 350 words) of the presentation to be distributed to the other participants one week in advance.

One expects that each participant prepares for the relevant topics (abstracts) in advance of the symposia.

All scientists, Post Doc¿s, PhD candidates, medical research students, master students, technical personnel and engineers affiliated with CCBIO are strongly encouraged to participate.


The symposia are held twice every semester. Each symposium is in a format, where ca. six PhD candidates and/or Post Doc's each give a 20 min presentation, followed by a short discussion.



Kjetil Utvik Harkestad


Academic responsibility

Cornelia Schuster


Kenneth Finne




The chair of the symposium is one or both of the course coordinators. He or she also initiates and leads the discussion.

Course location

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.


Exam information

Study period

Spring and autumn (2 consecutive semesters).