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Literary Seminar

  • ECTS credits10
  • Teaching semesterSpring
  • Course codeFRAN308L
  • Number of semesters1
  • LanguageFrench
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Level of Study


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Objectives and Content

This is an in-depth course on a topic in French literature. Topics may be concerned e.g. with a genre, a period, an authorship or a basic problem in literary studies.

Recommended Previous Knowledge

French studies on the 100 and 200 levels, or the equivalent.

Access to the Course

The course is open to students enrolled in the Master programme in French at the University of Bergen.

Grading Scale

The Department uses a grading scale ranging from A to F. F is a failing grade.

Course Evaluation

The course will be evaluated in accordance with the quality assurance system of the University of Bergen.


Studierettleiar: studierettleiar@if.uib.no
Eksamensadministrasjon: eksamen@if.uib.no

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