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Undergraduate course

Book Industry Internship (Higher Education Collaboration: Québec - Norway)

  • ECTS credits5
  • Teaching semesterSpring, Autumn
  • Course codeFRANPRAX
  • Number of semesters1
  • LanguageFrench and Norwegian (or English)
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Main content

ECTS Credits

This module for students on exchange in Quebec or Norway, gives 5 ECTS credits

Level of Study


Teaching semester

Autumn and/or spring

Place of Instruction

At the University of Bergen, at l'Université du Québec à Montréal or at the Collaboration Project's partner institutions, i.e. Audiatur Poety Festival (Bergen), The Norwegian Translators' Association (Oslo), Fika(s) Scandinavian Culture Festival (Montreal), les Éditions Marchand de feuilles (Montreal), la librairie Coop UQAM (Montreal).

Objectives and Content

Purpose: By offering internships at relevant institutions within the book industry, the purpose of this module is to contribute to a greater awareness of the competence students develop when studying French. Through observation, cooperation, supervision and practical activities, the trainees get the opportunity to acquire more insight and experience in professional roles and work conditions.

Content: The students participate in the work tasks of the host institution. It is a prerequisite that they participate in tasks that are relevant both for their disciplinary competence and for the needs of the institution. In the beginning of the term, contact will be established between the student, the project coordinator at UQAM/UiB, and the contact person at the host institution, in order to prepare the student for the internship. In this context, it is important to strengthen the student's awareness of his/her own competences by discussing how these competences can be used at the host institution. This is also the occasion to discuss practical questions and solutions to possible challenges.

The students will be supervised by a contact person at the host institution as well as by project coordinator at UQAM/UiB. Each student will have at least one hour of guidance, besides supervision in connection with the internship report. Based on the internship experience, this report is an invitation to reflect upon the value of one's own competence in relevant work situations.

The internship module requires 75 work hours at the host institution, either continuous or spread out over the term.

Learning Outcomes

Having completed the module, the student should have acquired the following learning outcomes defined as knowledge, skills and general competence:


After completing the module the students are expected to:

¿ Have acquired knowledge about working at an institution where their education is relevant.

¿ Know how to use the competences acquired through French studies in real work situations.

¿ Know more about how work is organized and carried out at the host institution.


¿ Be able to combine theory and experience based learning, and reflect upon the relation between theory and practice.

¿ Be able to relate disciplinary questions to concrete work situations.

General competence

¿ Have developed reflective self-awareness regarding possible professional roles and work conditions.

¿ Be able to write a report on the content and relevance of practical work training.

Required Previous Knowledge

At least 60 ECTS in French language, literature and/or culture.

Good competence in oral and written French. In addition to French, good competence in English is required of foreign exchange students in Norway.

Recommended Previous Knowledge

Interest in literature and cultural dissemination.

Access to the Course

The module can only accept a limited number of students.

1. Qualified applicants who are completing a bachelor or master degree will be prioritized.

2. Other students from UiB or UQAM will be prioritized according to average grade.

Average grade is based on the 60 ECTS in French language, literature and/or culture mentioned under ¿Required prerequisite knowledge¿.

Students who wish to take the module must apply for a student exchange period at UQAM (or at UiB for foreign students) within the ordinary deadlines for exchange.

Applications for the FRANPRAX internship (use this form: https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=3627618) must be submitted by 1 March for the following autumn and by 15 September for the following spring.

Teaching and learning methods

The disciplinary content of the internship is connected to the activities of the host institutions, and the trainees will therefore use their language skills, cultural competences and disciplinary approaches when working with different aspects of the host institutions tasks.

The work will be carried out under the guidance of the contact person at the host institution and the project coordinator at UQAM or UiB.

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

The student is required to seek consultation regarding the training period and while preparing the final report.

Forms of Assessment

After completing the training period at the host institution, the student writes a report in French (ca.1000 words) presenting the host institution, the content of the training period and the value of the practical experience for the student's disciplinary and personal development The report, as well as an attestation from the host institution, shall be submitted within three weeks after the last day of the internship.

Examination Support Material

Not relevant.

Grading Scale

"Passed" / "Failed"

Assessment Semester


Reading List

Not relevant.

Course Evaluation

Once a year.

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