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Seminar in Clinical and Translational Research for PhD Candidates

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The seminars will facilitate scientific interaction and establish networks among PhD candidates linked to the Research School of Clinical Medicine. The Department of Clinical Medicine (K1) and the Department of Clinical Science (K2) consists of many different disciplines, and the seminars can foster more cooperation and give candidates a useful network which they can benefit from in their future career.

The seminars will be an arena where PhD candidates gain experience with oral presentations, academic discussions and scientific thinking. Participants will be able to exchange clinical research methods, technical expertise and practice that are used in clinical and translational research, with the aim to improve the scientific quality for all.

The seminars are held three times per semester. Each seminar will contain two presentations of approximately 30 minutes from two PhD candidates. The seminars will be led by a seminar leader, and each presentation will be followed by a discussion with feedback and input from both the seminar leader and the other participants.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this course the candidate should:


  • Be able to give a scientific presentation (about one¿s own methods and problems of discussion
  • Explain new knowledge that has arisen from one¿s own project


  •  Present, explain and discuss the most important and key findings from own research
  • Be able to handle complex questions in academic discussions
  • Give and receive professional criticism.

General qualifications:

  •  Have a multidisciplinary understanding of the various methods used within different research fields, their applications, limitations and benefits
  • Be in a position to exchange technical expertise and experience used in clinical research which in the long term will improve the general scientific quality
  • Participate in scientific interaction among researchers in medical research

Study period

Spring and autumn

Credits (ECTS)

1 study point (25-30 hours work)

Specific terms

Course registration and deadlines

Register via StudentWeb (http://studentweb.uib.no) before deadline: 1 February/1.September


Qualified to be a PhD candidate in medicine or health related research 

Part of training component

Approved PhD course, recommended for candidates whose PhD project includes clinical projects. The course is included in the portfolio of the Research School in Clinical Medicine

Form of assessment

To pass the course, the candidate must

  • prepare for and actively participate in at least three seminars in two semesters (attendance is recorded)
  • give an oral presentation based on his/her own research at one of the seminars
  • give feedback to other candidates on their presentations.

Assessment of the presentation will be given by both the seminar leader and the course coordinator

The following grading scale is used:
Passed / Failed

Who may participate

PhD candidates, post.docs and students at the Medical Student Research Programme.

Addtional information

Supplementary course information

The course runs over two consecutive semesters, with seminars every other month.

A seminar will last an hour and include two presentations with discussions and feedback.

Each participant will prepare and give a presentation about their relevant methods and their scientific problems.

All participants will also make a summary (approx. 350 words) of their presentation for distribution to the other participants one week in advance of the seminar. The summary must be sent to the course coordinator for approval before dsitribution.

Each participant will get a presentation that they will have a special responsibility to give feedback on. In addition, it is expected that all participants familiarize themselves with the relevant summaries in advance of the seminars.


Total workload:

  • Preparation for own presentation (24 hours)
  • Preparation for seminars (6 hours).
  • Participation in a minimum of three seminars (6 hours).

36 hours in total


Ole Petter Nordbø (ole.nordbo@uib.no)

Kjetil Harkestad (kjetil.harkestad@uib.no)

Academic responsibility

Stefan Johansson, Research School of Clinical Medicine


The seminar leader will initiate and lead the seminar

Reading list



Exam information

Study period

Spring and autumn