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Postgraduate course

Geographical Perspectives on Food

  • ECTS credits10
  • Teaching semesterAutumn
  • Course codeGEO326
  • Number of semesters1
  • LanguageEnglish
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Level of Study

Master level

Teaching semester

Last semester: Autumn 2019.

Objectives and Content

The purpose is to give the student a thorough introduction to contemporary research issues and debates on trends in the global food production and distribution of food.

The course contains a variety of research perspectives on food, including key global food policy issues, food security and health, changes in production and consumption trends, economic geography, innovation and technology, and the participation of actors in local markets and international trade.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the student should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The student

  • has knowledge of advanced contemporary geographical approaches to and debates relating to global food production, trade and food security.
  • understands how the trends in global food production are shaped by environmental, social, economic and political factors.
  • understands how changes in the global food systems have an impact on human nutrition, and how food consumption affects the global environment.


The student

  • can read, understand, present and discuss advanced scientific texts on food theory subjects.

General knowledge

The student

  • can apply geographical theoretical approaches to complex nature-society relationships.

Required Previous Knowledge

A bachelor degree

Recommended Previous Knowledge

GEO131, GEO221/GEO222, GEO 231, GEO282 or similar courses

Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap

GEO325 (4 ECTS)

Access to the Course

Open for students at Master´s level who meets the prerequisites. GEO326 is a "Special topic course". The coursework requirement in Master's programme in Geography includes two special topics courses.

Teaching and learning methods

1 lecture/seminar/reading course á 2 hours pr. week.

Total: 16-20 hours

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Students are expected to read and present selected scientific readings.

Forms of Assessment

Take home exam, 5 days, 3000-3500 words

Grading Scale

Grading A-F

Assessment Semester

Assessment in teaching semester


Contact Information

Department of Geography