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Quantitative methods: Survey construction and measurement

  • ECTS credits1
  • Teaching semesterSpring
  • Course codeGHIG923-A
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General content

The present course is sub-course A, one of three sub-courses of the overarching course on quantitative methods that covers a broad range of quantitative research methods and statistical analysis techniques. Sub-course A is on survey methodology (1 ECTS).

This sub-course will provide an introduction to survey research, relevant analysis technics and different forms of surveys.

Type of course


Learning outcomes

General learning objectives

This course seeks to promote and facilitate the rigorous use of quantitative approaches and good practices in designing and analyzing psychological research questions.


After completion of the course, the candidate

- Has knowledge of various approaches of data collection using survey designs.

- Has knowledge of various approaches of analyzing survey data structures.


After completion of the course, the candidate

- Can evaluate and select appropriate data analytical tools and software solutions.

- Can evaluate and select appropriate analysis in survey research.

- Can draw appropriate conclusions from survey research.

General competence

After completion of the course, the candidate

- Can master survey research designs.

- Can reflect upon different approaches to quantitative research methodology

Study period

Spring 2018, 21- 23 March

Credits (ECTS)


Specific terms

Course registration and deadlines

Deadline for registration is March 1st. Registration on Studentweb or by e-mail to maria.luttges@uib.no


Master Degree in disciplines relevant to educational sciences, psychology and public health.

Compulsory Requirements

Participation and assignments to be completed on individual basis or in small groups. Plenary presentations.

Form of assessment

Active participation and presentations in class. 80% attendance required.

Pass or fail.

Who may participate

The course targets primarily PhD candidates at the Faculty of Psychology. Other groups can apply for participation.

Addtional information

Supplementary course information

The various steps and topics that are important in survey methodology will be presented in lectures and seminar-style discussions complemented with group work, hands-on exercises, and independent work.

3 days (6 hours per day)


Research School GHIG ghig@uib.no.

Academic responsibility

Gisela Bøhm, Department of Psychosocial Science.


Gisela Bøhm, Rune Mentzoni, Torbjørn Torsheim and Endre Tvinnereim. Department of Psychosocial Science, UiB.

Reading list

To be provided in January 2018. 

Course location

Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen


Study period

Spring 2018, 21- 23 March