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Positive Occupational Health Psychology

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Course content

This course introduces participants to Positive Occupational Health Psychology (POHP) ¿ the study and application of optimal functioning in the workplace. It promotes occupational health and flourishing, and examines how positive phenomena (contexts, personal resources) can be used to protect against occupational risks.

General learning objectives

This course facilitates knowledge and understanding of a positive approach to employee health and well-being, by discussing various theoretical approaches and applying several practical organizational interventions.


After completion of the course, the candidate ¿

- Has knowledge of various theories in the domain of positive occupational health psychology

- Has knowledge of several POHP interventions, and the psychological mechanisms involved

- Has knowledge of top-down and bottom-up approaches to work engagement and flow.


After completion of the course, the candidate ¿

Can design survey and intervention studies testing POHP theories

Can analyse organizations using a positive psychology perspective, with a clear eye for negative psychological phenomena

Can train employees in understanding and regulating (the causes of) their occupational well-being

General competence

After completion of the course, the candidate ¿

- Can master and utilize positive occupational health psychology approaches

- Can reflect upon the use and value of positive psychology in understanding occupational healt.

Study period

Spring 2022.

Credits (ECTS)


Specific terms

Course registration and deadlines

On Studentweb, course code GHIG940 or by e-mail to maria.luttges@uib.no

Deadline for registration is May 7th.

Please note that registering for this PhD course is considered binding!


No previous knowledge is required.

Recommended previous knowledge

Master Degree in disciplines relevant to educational sciences, psychology and public health.

Compulsory Requirements

Participation and assignments to be completed on individual basis or in small groups. Plenary presentations. 80% attendance.

Form of assessment

Pass or fail.

Who may participate

The course targets primarily PhD candidates. Other groups can apply for participation.

Additional information


The various theories and practical approaches that are important in Positive Occupational Health Psychology will be presented in lectures and seminar-style discussions complemented with hands-on exercises and independent work.

2 days (6 hours per day) from 09:00-15:00



Academic responsibility

Adjunct Professor Arnold Bakker

Course location

Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen


Study period

Spring 2022.