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Postgraduate course

Research Seminars at CIH Including two Presentations

  • ECTS credits6
  • Teaching semesterAutumn
  • Course codeINTH326
  • Number of semesters4
  • LanguageEnglish
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Main content

Level of Study


Teaching semester


Objectives and Content

The students are recommended to give their first presentation (protocol of their study) in the spring semester and the second presentation (results of their study) in their last semester

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the student should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The student:

  • Knows how to organize the study protocol in a short presentation
  • Knows how to organize the research results in short presentations


The student:

  • Can present a project proposal in a clear and structured manner for staff and students in the 2. Semester
  • Can present research findings in a clear and structured manner for staff and students in the 4. Semester
  • Can critically comment co-students¿ presentations of research plan and results

General competence

The student is able to:

  • communicate research finding to a broader audience
  • critically and constructively comment on research in other fora

Access to the Course

Only for students enrolled in the Master programme in Global Health

Teaching Methods and Extent of Organized Teaching

The master students should give two presentations during their study period and it is compulsory to attend the seminars.

The seminars are usually held once a week and each presentation should last about 15 minutes.

Seminar: one hour length

2 student present at each seminar

25 students/12-13 seminars per semester

12 or 13 hours per semester

(no. of seminars depend on number of students)

2015: 12 hours

2016: 13 hours

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

At least 14 seminars and two presentations, one on your project proposal and another on your findings.

Forms of Assessment

Two oral presentations

Grading Scale


Reading List

Recommended: "How to write and publish a scientific paper" Rober A. Day, Ed.5, chapter 27, pp 167-172

Course Coordinator

Ingvild Fossgard Sandøy (Ingvild.Sandoy@uib.no)


Centre for International Health

E-mail: studie@igs.uib.no

Tel: 55588569/70

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