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Proposal development

  • ECTS credits10
  • Teaching semesterAutumn
  • Course codeINTH330A
  • Number of semesters2
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Main content

Teaching semester


Objectives and Content

Overall objective is to help students conceptualize and prepare a research proposal in their research area and to nurture a sense of inquisitiveness and active participation in research. One week is used for introductory lectures covering all chapters of a complete research proposal and interactive teaching where each student presents his/her preliminary research proposal and the rest of class and teacher/s discuss these proposals in a systematic manner. This allows students to practice identifying what logical steps must be taken to accomplish one's research goals. They learn to use the research methods taught in the research tools course (INTH315) into practical examples, and refine their individual research proposals.

The main body of the course is the actual work students carry out on their proposals after this introductory week. Regular discussions with supervisor(s) are an important element of the process.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the student should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The student:

  • defines relevant research question/s and prepare a comprehensive research plan
  • justifies the choice of research methods
  • knows the requirements and process for ethical clearance
  • communicates the research plan professionally


The student is able to:

  • choose relevant literature and write a review as justification for the study
  • clearly formulate the research question(s), broad objective(s) and specific objectives
  • choose the relevant data collection tools/laboratory methods
  • choose proper statistical methods in data analysis
  • formulate expected outcomes
  • make a research budget

General competence

The student is able to:

  • independently conceptualize and prepare a good & comprehensive research proposal within the limited time frame and resources

Recommended Previous Knowledge

Introductory lectures of proposal writing and group work in course INTH315.

Access to the Course

Open to students enrolled in the programme "Master of Philosophy in Global Health" at the University of Bergen

Teaching Methods and Extent of Organized Teaching

One week introductory course on proposal development. Major emphasis is placed on the exercises in groups and individually and plenary discussions with teachers having qualitative and quantitative research backgrounds. 80% of the time is used for interactive teaching where each student is expected to present own preliminary sketch for class discussion. This one week`s organized session is followed by the regular sessions with supervisory team during proposal development, and one day follow-up seminar with feed-back on individual proposals from course coordinators.

Student investment time: 260 hours

Contact hours (lectures and seminars): 50

Contact hours (supervision): 10

Individual working hours: 200

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Participation in lectures and group work.

Forms of Assessment

A committee consisting of supervisor and an independent teacher at CIH shall evaluate the proposal and decide whether it is acceptable by grading "pass" or "fail", and may also suggest changes to improve the proposal if appropriate.

Grading Scale


Assessment Semester


Course Evaluation

Students evaluate the teaching according to the quality assessment requirements of the University of Bergen. The evaluation method is through an online electronic form.


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