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Undergraduate course

Bachelor's Project in Chemistry

  • ECTS credits15
  • Teaching semesterSpring
  • Course codeKJEM298
  • Number of semesters1
  • LanguageNorwegian.
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ECTS Credits


Level of Study


Teaching semester


Limited capacity.

Place of Instruction


Objectives and Content

The aim of the course is to give the student experience of scientific work methods by planning a scientific project, performing the work and presenting the results orally and in writing. The course will include an introduction to library searches and correct use of citations, HSE evaluations and training in scientific presentation. The student will define a small theoretical or practical research project in cooperation with internal or external supervisors, perform the work and present the results orally to the research and student groups and in a written report.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the course KJEM298, the student will have the following:


The student will

  • have knowledge of the required structures and content of a scientific project and a scientific report
  • have knowledge of the ethical standards and formats required for referring to scientific results and publications
  • know the health and safety requirements for working in the laboratories at the Department of Chemistry


The student will

  • have experience in finding information on a given subject using scientific literature resources in chemistry
  • have the ability to structure the work of an independent scientific project
  • be able to apply scientific methodology to solve a specific problem in chemistry
  • be able to write a chemically valid and correctly structured report from a scientific investigation


The student will

  • be able to evaluate the quality and relevance of his/her own results
  • have experience with presenting the results of his/her work orally and in writing
  • be able to contribute to scientific discussions of his/her own work

Required Previous Knowledge

KJEM110, KJEM120, KJEM123 or KJEM240, KJEM130, KJEM131.

Recommended Previous Knowledge


Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap


Access to the Course

For students on the Bacherlor's programme in Chemistry only.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures: The teaching will be concentrated to specific periods, coordinated with other relevant courses.


Library course: 10 hours

HSE information: 4 hours

Presentation techniques: 8 hours

Introduction to scientific methodology and written presentation: 12 hours

Ethics in science 4 hours.

Total: 34 hours

Project work

6 weeks (students will normally work i groups of 2-3 persons, but single person projects are also acceptable.

Reporting and presentation.

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

80 % attendance to the introductory units is required, together with an oral presentation of the project at the beginning and after completion (valid 3 semesters including the teaching semester).

Forms of Assessment

Written report.

Examination Support Material


Grading Scale

The grading scale used is A to F. Grade A is the highest passing grade in the grading scale, grade F is a fail.

Assessment Semester


Reading List

The reading list will be available within June 1st for the autumn semester and December 1st for the spring semester.

Course Evaluation

The students will access the course in accordance with the guidelines at the University of Bergen.


Programme Committee

Department of Chemistry.

Course Coordinator

Department of Chemistry.

Course Administrator

Department of Chemistry.


Department of Chemistry.


The course responsible and administrative coordinator are listed in Mitt UiB.

Student counselor: Studierettleiar@kj.uib.no

Tlf: 55 58 34 45

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