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MAKU 2 Writing: the voice of the artist

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  • Teaching semesterSpring
  • Course codeKMD-MAK-303
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Objectives and Content

Writing, The Voice of the Artist

I will be presenting a wide range of artists writing about their work and artistic practice, and different approaches and forms for this. We will also be looking at artists writing about the work of other artists, or working with text in the form of essays, statements, manifestos, film scripts and poetry.

 The voice of the artist spans work made from early 20th century Dada to more contemporary practices, such as Frances Stark, Ed Atkins, James Richards, Susan Hiller, Mark Leckey, Bonnie Camplin, Liam Gillick, Hito Steyeri, Lawrence Weiner, Jimme Durham, Mike Kelley, Adrian Piper, Robert Smithson, Sol Le Witt and Agnes Martin.

 We will also have language-based exercises where the focus is to bring out the joy and pleasure you can have when you work with text as an artist, and the importance to listen to the voice you have yourself and put that into words. In the exercises you will write about other artists as well as about your own practice

Course leader: Annika Eriksson