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MAKU 4 Writing: Daniela Cascella

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Objectives and Content

Writing, Daniela Cascella

At the beginning of the MA you will hold a whole variety of relationships to writing. For some it¿s an important element, for others it barely has any significance; some of you are interested in developing it or being challenged by it, some believe they have an awkward relationship with language. You arrive in the programme with a more or less established art practice; fewer of you will have substantial experience of conceiving and elaborating a long writing project. Nonetheless you¿re required to write an MA text as part of the programme at Khib, and to work out how to do it in a relatively short span of time. My role is to follow and advise you on how to operate in this context, with the aim to deliver an MA text developed in close connection with your research and final exhibition project. 

The MA text is constrained and open at once. It is constrained by a word count and by a deadline. It is open in that you are asked to choose the form in which you wish to articulate your words. This form is not arbitrary: it demands that you set up a rigorous position from which you write, through sustained engagement with a textual practice and through commitment to independent research.

Writing is generated from writing: you will be invited to work with the materiality of text from the very beginning, and to focus on what kind of writing can be developed within the timeframe of the MA and in parallel with your main project.
Writing is generated from reading: you will be invited to consider how writing does not appear out of nowhere but is prompted by close proximities with how others write, and by working through, rewriting, echoing, translating, transforming the substance of your studio practice. Across a series of reading seminars, discussion groups and one-to-one tutorials, we will establish a way of working together that aims to develop the MA text as a material engagement with language, placing emphasis on close reading, editing, necessity, consistency and precision.

Course leader: Daniela Cascella