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MAKU teori: Alena Alexandrova

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  • Teaching semesterSpring
  • Course codeKMD-MAK-309
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Objectives and Content

MA programme component: Theory

The lecture-seminar will provide a theory program for the students on MA level. The course material includes an interdisciplinary selection of key texts, which will allow us to drift througha network of questions and concepts belonging to art theory and history, visual studies, media studies, philosophy, anthropology and literature. We will engage in discussions of the fluctuating identity of images and artefacts, modes of visibility and performativity. The selection of concepts and texts creates a open constellation, and hopefully provides model of how to work with conceptual tools without losing the key issues of one¿s own creative practice out of sight. For each sessionwe will read two texts, which examine a similar object in different perspectives, and thus create a productive tension or counter-point. The texts will be introduced by a short lecture to be followed by a group discussion. The students will develop skills to formulate questions in a productive way, and to mobilise the potential of the selection of theoretical fragments into their own research. The border between the theory and creative practice is understood as porous and allows for interpenetration of ideas and approaches. 

By participating in the lecture-seminar series the students develop skills to read, research and debate. 

The lectures 2017-2018 will be address four conceptual clusters:
-Critical Images. Critical Spectatorship
-Stupidity. Cynicism. Play
-On Technology and Traps 
-Potentiality and the Powers of the Anonymous

We will read a selection of texts by Avital Ronell, Roger Caillois, Jacques
Rancière, Giorgio Agamben, Gilbert Simondon, Alfred Gell, Peter Sloterdijk and
Claire Bishop

Preparation for the lecture-seminar: reading of the assigned texts and
preparation of discussion questions.

Material: The texts will be sent in advance, two weeks before each seminar

Course leader: Alena Alexandrova