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JINOOS / Morning Has Broken

  • ECTS credits0
  • Teaching semesterSpring
  • Course codeKMD-PER-104
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Main content

Objectives and Content

As a daily ritual, the subject area of timebased/performance will gather for a morning situation.

Sometimes student led, sometimes teacher led:

Sometimes a song, sometimes a cup of coffee, sometimes a talk, sometimes a meditation, sometimes a piece of music, sometimes a laugh, sometimes an emptiness, sometimes a birthday, sometimes a dance, sometimes something really serious, sometimes something else, sometimes political, sometimes a poem, sometimes collaboration, sometimes only one thing, sometimes a mess,

sometimes performative, sometimes spiritual, sometimes completely down to earth, sometimes theoretical, sometimes timebased, sometimes art, sometimes not, sometimes breakfast, sometimes a guest, sometimes a very special morning, sometimes to be together, sometimes to begin the day, sometimes hang-over, sometimes fresh orange juice, sometimes silly, sometimes in English,

sometimes very early and sometimes a little later.

In august 2017, Jinoos Taghizadeh from Teheran was the first guest artist to talk in projectspace 206 (performance). We have decided to name the space after her:

Welcome to JINOOS!