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Reading/Discussion Seminar: A Way Beyond Narrative: Valie Export and Diana Thater in Resistance to Framing

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Objectives and Content

Screening: Untitled (Joe and Marc), (11mins) 2011; A Series of Events, (3 mins) 2003 Diana Thater;

Rare, (5 mins.) 2008 Diana Thater; Dark Matter (7 mins) 2003 Diana Thater; And Split Reality (5 mins)

1976 Valie Export; Man and Women and Animal (8:15 mins) 1973 Valie Export; ...Remote...Remote...

(10 mins.) 1973 Valie Export. Reading: Womens Art A Manifesto, Valie Export 1973 and More Stars

than There Are In Heaven, 2015 (interview)


that women use art as a means of expression so as to influence the consciousness of all of us, let our

ideas flow into the cocial constrution of reality to create a human reality.

Valie Export

All of this work must be understood as having been constructed and machined, yet in the end that is

not the issue--that is not the matter--what is the matter is that the affect, transcendence, and

exchange, which precludes the machined and is the happening. A happening which is just the same

as the material. It happens without religious transcendence, It happens without mythic

transcendence. It happens without capitalist transcendence.

Diana Thater

Note: Requirement for seminar: Read and be prepared to discuss text.