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Postgraduate course

Master Spatial design, 1. semester

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ECTS Credits

30 credits

30 ECTS credits

Level of Study

Master's degree



Objectives and Content

The first semester of the master's programme is characterised by project preparation work. The students work mainly on the development of their own master's project. Key questions related to academic writing are elucidated through further development of the student¿s project descriptions, which will elaborate on:

1. Background and motivation, including the project¿s social relevance

2. Main questions and goals

3. Project process with work plan for execution

4. Assessments related to use of resources and form of presentation

The students carry out a preliminary project with research through design. Depending on the individual master's project, the research and experimentation can be related to materials, processes, scaling or other conditions. The aim of the specific research is precision in the further project work by uncovering, clarifying, expanding or delimiting key issues.

Project preparation work takes place mainly during the first semester, but may extend beyond this depending on the nature of the individual master's project.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the semester, the student will be able to:

Knowledge and skills

  • communicate and document design based work at a high level
  • master and combine design practice methods
  • explore and analyse design issues and questions
  • explore and compare source materials
  • apply relevant research and theory to own design projects

General competence

  • take the initiative and individual responsibility for independent work and progress

Required Previous Knowledge

Successfully completed bachelor's degree in design, or other relevant degree equivalent to 180 credits.

Access to the Course

The course is an offering to students admitted to the master's programme in design.

Teaching and learning methods

The process and complexity of a master's project is illustrated from different approaches through an intensive introductory course. In parallel with the elaboration of the project description,students complete a preliminary project with practical and methodical experimentation over several weeks. The preliminary project is individually based, but with meeting points and group discussion. Academic supervision is provided individually and in groups.

Based on principal academic questions in their own master's project, students participate in seminars and workshops with theoretical and methodological relevance to the development process.

Relevant seminars and workshops are discussed in separate descriptions published on the Mitt UiB platform.

It is crucial for the learning environment that the students show commitment and participate actively in the semester, and are present where teaching and work take place.

Forms of Assessment

Semester assessment (portfolio assessment) takes place towards the end of the semester. The assessment is conducted in the form of an oral conversation, where the student receives structured feedback on his/her work and progress.

Basis for assessment

  • Expanded project description
  • Presentation of results from preliminary project
  • Semester report with portfolio: reflection on own learning and progress
  • Oral report on own learning and work effort during the semester assessment

Assessment criteria

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Communication and presentation
  • Collaboration and independence

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