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Basic Course in Medical and Health Related Research

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Course content

The main objective of the course is to familiarize candidates with relevant aspects of modern medical and health related research. The course provides insight into the research process with emphasis on communicating and disseminating research findings. The course comprises the compulsory part of the PhD education in research ethics and philosophy of science Legal regulations and innovation are covered and important facilities and platforms at the Medical Faculty are also presented.

Doctoral training is a focus area for the University of Bergen, and the goal is to keep a high-quality basic course with an international profile, with a cross- and multidisciplinary emphasis. Students are expected to use Mitt UiB to find all relevant course information and hand-outs, provided by the lecturers.

Learning outcomes


After completing the course, the candidate

  • is familiar with the fundamental elements in the theory of science
  • has the basic knowledge to critically judge the quality of the dissemination of scientific findings, in speech (oral presentations) and writing (posters, manuscripts)
  • is able to consider the suitability and utilization of different methods and processes in research
  • can comprehend and critically evaluate new knowledge, novel theories, methods, interpretations and forms of documentation


After completing the course, the candidate can:

  • conceive research ideas, plan and implement research projects
  • contribute to the forefront of research and hold international research standards
  • challenge the established knowledge with critical thinking and insight in his/her own and adjacent research fields

General qualifications

After completing the course, the candidate can:

  • identify relevant ethical issues and conduct his/her own research with academic and ethical integrity
  • participate in interdisciplinary research projects
  • disseminate research and development through recognized national and international channels
  • Understand the need for innovation

Study period

The course runs for two weeks in autumn (week 46-47) and spring (week 10-11). This is followed by a home exam to be delivered within two weeks.

Specific terms

Course registration and deadlines

Online registration via Studentweb by the deadlines 1 February/1 September is required


Master¿s degree or equivalent education level is required, except for students on the Medical Student Research Programme.

Recommended previous knowledge

Medical or health related educational background or PhD project related to medical/health related research.

Part of training component

The course is mandatory for all PhD candidates at the Faculty of Medicine, and students at the Medical Student Research Programme. It fulfils the mandatory requirements of scientific theory and research ethics in the training component of the PhD degree. It is highly recommended that the candidates participate in the course during the first year in the PhD programme, or during their year of full-time research in the Medical Student Research Programme.

Form of assessment

The course examination includes an individual written assignment (essay/paper of 1000-1500 words) to be submitted via Inspera within 10 working days after the course. This is accompanied by a MCQ, based directly on the lectured material, to be answered before the same deadline. More information about the exam will be provided during the course. The assignments will be sent to electronic plagiarism control.

Grading: Pass/not pass

Course overlap

Full overlap with MEDMET1 and INTH901 (both discontinued)

Who may participate

The course is open to PhD candidates from the Faculty of Medicine and students at the Medical Student Research Programme.

Additional information

Supplementary course information

The course consists of lectures and group work, presentations and discussions. There is a major emphasis on group work, and the participants are expected to do work during the evenings during the two weeks of the course. The course duration is two weeks, with mandatory lectures and group work between 9am and 4pm, Mon-Fri. Additional 2-week period is provided to complete the home exam assignment. All or parts of the course may be delivered digitally as announced for each course. Please see course schedule in Mitt UiB.


For more information, contact phd@med.uib.no at the Faculty of Medicine, phone +47 55 58 66 69

Academic responsibility

Professor Kristine Bærøe

Reading list

-Carlsen KCL, Staff A, Arnesen H, Bechensteen AG, Jacobsen AF, Omenaas E, Thorstensen R. Forskningshåndbok, fra idé til publikasjon(3. utgave) Oslo, 2009

-Laake P., Benestad H.B., Olsen B.R. (eds.). Research Methodology in the Medical and Biological Sciences. Academic Press, London, 2007.

-Day, R. A. & Gastel, B. How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper: 6th ed., 2011.

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Exam information

  • Type of assessment: Take-home examination

    Assignment handed out
    17.03.2023, 15:00
    Submission deadline
    31.03.2023, 15:00
    Withdrawal deadline
    Examination system
    Digital exam

Study period

The course runs for two weeks in autumn (week 46-47) and spring (week 10-11). This is followed by a home exam to be delivered within two weeks.