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PhD course

Ethics and priorities in global health

  • ECTS credits3
  • Teaching semesterSpring, Autumn
  • Course codeMEDPRI
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Main content

Course description

Language of instruction


Course content

Main objectives:

To obtain greater knowledge about the theoretical frameworks for priority setting in health, with special concern for global health.

To give the student training in presentation technique, critical reading, academic discussion and argumentation.


Biweekly two hours seminars with mandatory reading of both key theoretical articles and work in progress by other group members. External speakers will also be invited to participate with lectures or/and workshops.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the candidate should:

Have achieved a greater theoretical knowledge on relevant subjects in philosophy and ethics, economy, statistics and health.

Know more about what fellow research group members are working on.

Have achieved a better understanding of various methodological approaches and methodological concerns in various stages of analytical processes and writing.


Upon completion of the course, the candidate should:

Present scientific projects and results in a relevant manner.

Be able to participate in ethical discussions, reflecting on both theoretical and practical issues, and produce personal arguments and thoughts.

General skills

Upon completion of the subject, the candidate should:

Have achieved a broad understanding of the theoretical framework for priority setting in health and how these theories can be used in allocation processes.

Be able to identify relevant scientific questions and know how to investigate, present and discuss it properly.

Study period

Fall and spring.

Specific terms

Course registration and deadlines

Registration at StudentWeb within February 1/September 1 (spring/fall)

Form of assessment

Oral presentations and discussions.

Survey of attendance in seminars and presentation each semester.

Who may participate

PhD candidates/ medical research students

Addtional information

Supplementary course information

Biweekly seminars where both theoretical papers and work in progress will be read in advance and presented continued with a group discussion. External speakers will be invited to participate.

Two hours biweekly, 18 weeks, total of 36 hours plus pre-reading and preparations estimated to be 2 hours/week, for a total of 72.

Compulsory requirements: 80% attendance rate.


For more information please contact:

Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care

e-mail: studie@igs.uib.no

Course coordinator: Ole Frithjof Norheim


Reading list

Will be presented at the start of the semester.


Study period

Fall and spring.