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Principal guidelines

Midway evaluation is mandatory for all PhD Candidates admitted to the PhD programme from autumn 2009 and onwards. Midway evaluation should take place before 2/3 of the PhD period has elapsed. A completed and confirmed midway evaluation gives 1 credit in the compulsory part of the training component.

The main supervisor is responsible of finding a committee consisting of minimum two members. Both of the committee members should preferably have scientific employment at UiB, and one of them must have such an employment. The committee members should preferably also be familiar with the candidate's scientific field. The candidates and their supervisors should receive notification at least 2 months in advance concerning the appointed dates for the midway evaluation.

The report

No later than one week prior to the evaluation, the candidate should submit a brief written report outlining progress and status for:

    • Scientific activity and results
    • Publications
    • Training components
    • Plan for project completion, and estimated time for thesis submission.
    • Any problems/comments

The report should be minimum 2 pages long. Project outline, manuscripts and published articles should be attached. The candidates affiliated with K1 should send this Solveig Witsø (solveig.witso@uib.no) and candidates affiliated with K2 should send it to Irene Hjelmaas (irene.hjelmaas@uib.no), who will forward it to the members of the evaluation committee.

The evaluation

The candidate should give an oral presentation with a minimum duration of 15 minutes outlining status of the PhD work to the committee. The presentation should preferably be given in English. This will be followed by a questions/discussion (minimum 10 min). The main supervisor should be present. Co-supervisors are also strongly encouraged to participate if possible. The members of the committee will then fill out and sign an evaluation form as well as a protocol for completed midway evaluation. The committee may also request a brief private discussion with the candidate and supervisors after the open discussion if so desired.

Learning outcomes

In science it is of vital importance that a candidate can present his and hers project in a convincing way. As the session has a structure as a scientific audit, the information provided by the evaluators will provide the candidate new knowledge related to:

1. The quality of the presentation.

2. How they should handle critics related to project.

3. The status of the project according to the project plan.

This will give the candidate more insight with his/her own project.

Credits (ECTS)


Specific terms

Course registration and deadlines

Sign up via StudentWeb (http://studentweb.uib.no) by no later than February 1/September 1.

Part of training component

Mandatory for all PhD Candidates with principal supervisor at Department of Clinical Science.

Form of assessment

Teport to be delivered, and presentation and discussion conducted, with satisfactory quality.

Grading Scale:

Pass / Fail

Course overlap

A candidate can only have one midway evaluation in his/her training component. This is normally done at the institute where the candidate's principal supervisor is employed.

Who may participate

All PhD candidates admitted to the PhD programme at the Faculty of Medicine

and Dentistry after 1 August 2009 must have a midway evaluation.

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