Undergraduate course

An Introduction to the Norwegian Media System in a Global Context

Teaching semester


Objectives and Content

The course gives an introductory overview of the Norwegian media system, its characteristics and its organization in a comparative international context. The media system plays a key role in developing and fostering democratic conditions in Norway. It serves as arena for freedom of speech, is characterized by a high level of press freedom and is populated by a strong public service broadcasting institution. It thus provides an interesting case for comparison. From the perspective of media studies, the course provides a historically grounded introduction to Norwegian media institutions which also deals with recent developments of digital media.

Learning Outcomes

A student who has completed the course should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The candidate has a basic knowledge of

  • key Norwegian media institutions
  • the characteristics of the Norwegian media system
  • media use in Norway
  • key economic and political conditions for media production


The candidate can

  • give an overview of the characteristics and organization of the Norwegian media system in a global context
  • critically assess the role of this the Norwegian media system in Norwegian society

Required Previous Knowledge


Teaching and learning methods

Lectures and weekly seminars.

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Participation in a weekly seminar and submission of a written exercise is mandatory.

Accepted (mandatory) exercise is valid this term and the following term of exam.

Forms of Assessment

6 hours written school exam (in English or Norwegian).

Grading Scale


Subject Overlap

In combination with the completed exam in MEVI101, a successful exam in the MEVI111 will only result in 10 ECTS.


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Exam information

  • For written exams, please note that the start time may change from 09:00 to 15:00 or vice versa until 14 days prior to the exam. The exam location will be published 14 days prior to the exam.

  • Type of assessment: Written examination

    23.04.2018, 09:00
    6 hours
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