Postgraduate course

Master's Thesis in Interaction and Media Design

  • ECTS credits60
  • Teaching semesterSpring, Autumn
  • Course codeMIX350
  • Number of semesters2
  • LanguageEnglish
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Level of Study




Teaching semester


Place of Instruction

Media City Bergen

Objectives and Content

The aim of the course is for the students to design or evaluate an interactive media system through a practice-based master's project. The goal is to contribute to innovation, or to consider technical innovation within media technology.
The master's project combines a practice-based component with a theoretical and analytical written component.
The practice-based component can be the development of a prototype for a user platform for better interaction with streaming services, a new social media application, or a digital game. It can also be a redesign or improvement of an existing product. The prototype may be developed in conjunction with fellow students, and / or in connection with a media company. Alternatively, the practical component can be based on fieldwork where the student evaluates and analyzes an existing media product.
The theoretical component is an individually written master's thesis, which is an academic analysis and evaluation of the practical component.

Learning Outcomes

A student who has completed the course should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The student

  • can apply theory and methods from interaction design and user experience at a high level in the design of new media
  • can identify and use relevant research methods in a practical project


The student

  • can follow a project plan, lead, execute and complete a practice-based research project within user-oriented media design or media interaction design
  • can critically evaluate and argue for methodological and theoretical choices related to practice-based research projects within interaction design for digital media

General competence

The student

  • can collect data, analyze data, and discuss research results
  • can write independently, longer academic assignments based on a practical project, and present their own research orally
  • can communicate about academic issues, analyzes and conclusions within the subject areas user oriented media design and interaction design for media
  • can analyze relevant ethical issues related to subject, occupation and research
  • can quickly adapt to new challenges and acquire new professional knowledge, and utilize this knowledge in independent and creative work linked to the design of user experience for the media
  • can contribute to research, development and innovation work within the subject areas, and can update their knowledge within the field

Required Previous Knowledge

MIX301, INFO361 and MIX302

Access to the Course

Master's Programme in Media and Interaction Design

Teaching and learning methods

Supervision, seminars and workshops (approximately 50 hours)

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

In addition to working with their own master project, students will participate in the following compulsory activities:

  • monthly meetings with their supervisor and practice teachers / mentor
  • monthly seminars in which students discuss and provide feedback on each other¿s projects, and get help with technical, practical or theoretical challenges.
  • individual oral presentation of the master project.
  • exhibition of prototype or poster depicting the master project

These compulsory work requirements must be approved before the student can take the exam

Forms of Assessment

The master's thesis has a practical component and an individually written component. The practical component may be an individual or a group task. The written component should be 15.000-20.000 words.

The two components are assessed and graded as a whole.

Grading Scale


Assessment Semester


Course Evaluation

The course is evaluated by the students every third year and by the Department each year.


Department of Information and Media Studies


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