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Oral Biology part 1

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Objectives and Content

Oral biology consists of the following thematic areas:

  • Detailed anatomy of the chewing organ and deciduous and permanent teeth
  • Rot canal anatomy
  • Occlusion and articulation

Detailed knowledge about teeth and the chewing organ is a fundamental element in teaching in many clinical subjects and it provides students with the background required to interpret X-ray findings, correctly design fillings and prosthetic replacements and recognise teeth with normal and atypical anatomy.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course, the student should be able to:


  • Have a detailed knowledge of normal crown, root and root canal anatomy for the deciduous and permanent teeth.
  • Have knowledge of normal tooth position and the basic principles for occlusion and articulation.
  • Have knowledge of various dental nomenclature systems for the deciduous and permanent teeth.


  • Give a detailed description of normal crown, root and root canal anatomy for the deciduous and permanent teeth.
  • Describe the normal position of teeth and basic principles for occlusion and articulation.
  • Identify and use dental nomenclature to designate each tooth in both dentitions.


  • To identify and to use dental nomenclature to designate extracted human teeth.
  • Make use of acquired knowledge and skills in later propedeutic and clinical courses.
  • Be able to discuss/communicate with fellow students and dentists (clinical teachers) about teeth with dental terminology.

Access to the Course

Master of Dentistry

Teaching Methods and Extent of Organized Teaching

Teaching takes the form of lectures and practical courses in dental anatomy (approx. 45 hours in total) at which students work in groups on identifying teeth. The students keep course records that are submitted and corrected.

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Practical course is mandatory.

Forms of Assessment

1 hour test in the identification of teeth.

Part 1 of the course must be approved before the student can take part 2.

Grading Scale


Course Evaluation

Written evaluation using electronic/digital evaluation tool.


Department of Biomedicine

Course coordinator:
Päivi Kettunen, https://uib.no/persons/Paivi.Kettunen

Exam information

  • For written exams, please note that the start time may change from 09:00 to 15:00 or vice versa until 14 days prior to the exam.

  • Type of assessment: Written test

    30.05.2023, 09:00
    1 hours
    Withdrawal deadline