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Postgraduate course

Clinical Introductory Course

  • ECTS credits5
  • Teaching semesterSpring
  • Course codeOD2KLIFØR
  • Number of semesters2
  • LanguageNorwegian
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Main content

Teaching semester

4th semester

Objectives and Content

The main topics of the course are clinical procedures and hygiene (risk of infection and infectious disease control), patient communication, anamnesis, general health assessment, ethics, investigations, diagnosis, treatment planning, dental record regulations, and local anaesthesia.

Learning Outcomes


The candidate should be able to explain:

  • the principles of dissemination of disease and infection (Hygiene Plan for the Faculty of Medicine (MED)
  • the principles for patient communication
  • the content and function of anamnesis
  • methods for extra- and intraoral examination
  • local anaesthetics and their application
  • formal requirements for dental records


The candidate must be able to:

  • implement the recommended practices for good clinic hygiene
  • write a dental record (take an anamnesis, perform extra- and intraoral examinations, make a preliminary diagnosis) (OPUS, Digora)
  • outline a preliminary treatment plan
  • set local anaesthesia
  • use equipment and materials in compliance with applicable guidelines
  • handling special and hazardous waste in an appropriate manner
  • make a general health assessment

General competence

Students will:

  • be able to communicate with the patient in order to obtain complete and relevant medical history and discuss treatment options
  • have a developed sense of responsibility and empathy towards patients
  • have acquired good attitudes
  • respect the laws and regulations

Teaching Methods and Extent of Organized Teaching

The course includes lectures, demonstrations, seminars and clinical practice.

Forms of Assessment

Multidisciplinary written test which is divided intofour parts: 1) Cariology, 2) Periodontics, 3) General Anaesthesia and 4) Oral Medicine / Patient reception/ Microbiology - Hygiene / Pharmacology / Odontophobia.

If students fail in one or more of the parts, they will have to take a new test in the same part(s). All the parts of the test must be passed before students can start with regular patient treatment.

Grading Scale


Course Evaluation

Written evaluation on My Space/Mi side.


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