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Postgraduate course

Periodontology skills preclinical course

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ECTS Credits

2 ects

Level of Study


Teaching semester

Spring, fourth semester

Objectives and Content

In this subject are taught basic topics in periodontology and practical principles associated with clinical diagnostic, prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases.

Learning Outcomes


The student is able to explain:

-principles of periodontal examination

-periodontal instruments - technical details, indication for use and instrument sharpening

-principles and technique of dental instrumentation using hand instruments and scaler

-oral hygiene products, indication for use

-basic topics in periodontology


The student is able to:

-record periodontal measurements

-use and maintain periodontal instruments

-assess different types of oral hygiene products

-get sound manual skills to be able to start clinical work with patients

General competence

Through the pre-clinical training the student establishes a conscious attitude to technical quality. The student develops a clinical understanding of instrument selection and good work routines that provide a basis for patient treatment in the clinic.

Required Previous Knowledge

Passed third semester in Master of Dentistry

Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap

OD2KLIFØR 2 studiepoeng

Access to the Course

Master of Dentistry

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures parallel with seminars and practical exercises.

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Seminars and course are mandatory and attendance list is registered.

Forms of Assessment

The practical exercises are continuously assessed by the instructors. Practical and theoretical exam will be held at the end of the course, evaluated by an internal examiner. Completed practical assignments during the course are a prerequisite for entering the final practical and theoretical exam.The practical-theoretical final exam must be passed before the student may start clinical work with patients at the department of periodontolgy.

Examination Support Material

  • Theoretical part of the final test: None
  • Practical part: all available literature and cast models.

Grading Scale

Passed /failed

Assessment Semester

Spring, fourth semester

Reading List

The reading list will be published in Mitt UiB latest one week before the startup.

Course Evaluation

The course is evaluated in accordance with the system of quality assurance of UiB.

Course Administrator

Department of Clinical Dentistry

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