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Postgraduate course

Plan for the master thesis

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ECTS Credits

3 ECTS credits

Level of Study


Teaching semester

Autumn and spring, 4th to 6th semester

Objectives and Content

During the course, the student will write a Project plan. The Project plan will form tha base for the master thesis year 5 (OD5MAST).

At the start of the course, the student and the supervisor sign an agreement (veilederkontrakt).

In general, the master thesis will be written based on either a literature review, a laboratory project, a clinical case, a clinical work or on a clinical trial. It must be clear if the project needs ethical approval (from REK). If the project contains personal data, the project should be registered in RETTE at UiB. The Project plan (a protocol) would normally form the basis for an application to REK.

The Project plan should contain a time schedule for the master thesis, a description of the methods that will be used for the project and the data which will form the basis for the thesis.

The Project plan should contain a background for the chosen topic and a brief summary over literature within the field/topic.

Learning Outcomes

The student will at the end of the course have the following learning outcome:


The student will after the course:

  • understand how a plan for a research project is set up.
  • have an understanding for the need for of a research protocol, which may be used when applying for ethical approval (REK/Ethical committee), or if a simpler project sketch with a time schedule is sufficient.


The student should:

  • based on an idea, be able to set up a plan/sketch for a research project.
  • be able to make a reasonable setup and a disposition for a protocol/sketch, which can be used for the master thesis.

General competence:

The student will understand how a research project is initiated and have a base for a structured work with the master thesis.

Required Previous Knowledge

Completed and passed the third semester in the study programme

Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap

OD3PROSJ 3 ECTS credits

Access to the Course

Master of Dentistry

Teaching and learning methods

Seminars at the start of the course, in addition to a seminar for presentation of the plan for the master thesis. The lectures will be supervised by the supervisor of the thesis.

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Fourth semester: Participation on the academic week, the startup seminar

Fifth semester: Delivery of the Project plan

Sixth semester: Participation on the academic week, presentation of the Project plan

Forms of Assessment

Evaluation of the delivered plan for the master thesis.

Grading Scale


Assessment Semester

Sixth semester

Reading List

The reading list will be ready within the 1st of June for the autumn semester.

Course Evaluation

The instruction will be evaluated in accordance with the quality assurance system at UiB.

Programme Committee

Programme committee of dental study programmes

Course Coordinator

Professor Stein Atle Lie

Course Administrator

Department of Clinical Dentistry

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