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Postgraduate course

Comprehensive Dentistry

  • ECTS credits12
  • Teaching semesterAutumn
  • Course codeOD3PROSJ
  • Number of semesters4
  • LanguageNorwegian
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Main content

Objectives and Content

Integrated master's thesis consists of 3 parts

Part 1: Medical Statistics (See separate description of medical statistics 1 year)

Part 2: Written report from the Extramural Studies

Part 3: Project (including start-up seminar, library classes, writing course and presentation seminar)

The project assignment will be based on literature studies, case reports, or participation in research projects.

Learning Outcomes


Students will be able to explain

  • Methods of dental and health research and explain the methods¿ applications and limitations
  • Scientific presentation of academic material


Students should be able to

  • Apply methods of professional academic research, also independently
  • Present the subject in writing and orally to other health care professionals and the public
  • Evaluate the literature and research projects
  • Apply critical thinking in relation to literature and reseach
  • Analyze research results

General competence

Students should be able to

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the rapid changes in professional knowledge which necessitate continuous updating of knowledge and skills, as well as the methods for achieving this
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relevance and limitations in health research
  • Display a responsible attitude to integrity in research

Teaching Methods and Extent of Organized Teaching

Start-up seminars, library and writing courses.

A written agreement between the student(s) and supervisor(s) is made.

The title of the report is entered in the student's diploma.

Forms of Assessment

The project report is according to regulations regarded as an examination

Grading Scale


Course Evaluation

Written evaluation on My Space/Mi side.


Department of clinical dentistry

Exam information

  • Type of assessment: Approved assignment (New exam)

    Submission deadline
    14.04.2023, 14:00
    Examination system
    Digital exam
  • Type of assessment: Approved assignment

    Submission deadline
    30.01.2023, 14:00
    Withdrawal deadline
    Examination system
    Digital exam