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Scientific seminars in Oral health research

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Objectives: The subject aims at giving the students an increased possibility to fulfil the thesis with high quality and a high level of research competence.

The subject contributes so that the students expand their network outside their own research group. This will contribute to an increased collaboration and translation between different research areas. The candidates will accordingly have an increased knowledge outside their own project.

Content: The subject consists of a series of seminars with a variation of topics. Some of these are set by the research school, while others are initiated by the participants and their needs.

Examples from the later years: External finances, staying abroad, given topic at the dissertation.

Learning outcomes

The student will be able to understand and perform research at a higher level than before the course.

Knowledge: the student should have an increased understanding of research, and an elevated level of research competence.

Skills: The student should be able to independent work with research on a high level.

General competence: The student should understand and evaluate research from others at a higher level after fulfilling the subject.

Study period

Autumn and spring

Specific terms


Appointed as a PhD-candidate at the Faculty of Medicine.

Recommended previous knowledge

Have a degree at the level of master.

Form of assessment

TOR Seminar-series: attending the TOR seminar series.

Present your project/work once or arrange the seminar: the first Monday of every month from 10:00-11:00 there will be a seminar for all PhD-candidates at IKO where a member of the scientific staff will be present and different topics will be looked into (e.g Methods). Candidates will be given the opportunity to present their work.

Additional information

Supplementary course information

Primarily there will be a series of seminars arranged by the research school, but also other meeting points for the PhD-candidates: Journal club and Social arrangements, summer- and Christmas arrangements, and gatherings in relation to the arranged seminars.


PhD coordinator sigrid.nevdal@uib.no

Academic Responsibility: stein.lie@uib.no

Academic responsibility

The program board has the responsibility for the contents of the subject and all parts of the PhD training.

Reading list

Articles used during the subject.

The reading list will be ready before 01.06 for the autumn semester and before 01.12 for the spring semester.

Course location

Department of clinical dentistry, UiB


Exam information

Study period

Autumn and spring