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Global Mental Health project

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ECTS Credits


Level of Study


Teaching semester


Place of Instruction

A limited number of international internship locations will be available.

The internship locations will be approved by UiB and carefully selected

by the partner institutions (NGO, university, private or public


Objectives and Content

Experience, develop understanding of, and reflect critically on

professional/academic practice through observation of the daily

operations and interaction with health care providers and NGO¿s in an

international setting. The goal and focus of the subject is inspired by the

UN sustainable development goals.

The student will take part in different learning experiences and perform

duties agreed to in an Internship Agreement. During the internship

period, UiB faculty at will follow up students through weekly SKYPE

meetings. In addition, students will have regular meetings with the

internship mentor at the host institution. These consultations will provide

space for discussions about the student's experience, and the institution's experience with the student.

Required Previous Knowledge

Completion of at least two years of education in psychology or related area.

Successfully completed the 10 ECTS course in ¿Crisis psychology and disaster


Access to the Course

Access is limited to students from the clinical psychology program at UiB. If an

institutional agreement is in place, students from other programs may also be invited to

apply. The locations for internship will be pre -chosen by the course administration and

will be designed to each student by the course administrator. Prospective students must

submit the given application form including: a) motivation letter in English, b) curriculum vitae and c) Transcript of records from UiB

Teaching and learning methods

A compulsory pre-departure seminar will address administrative, practical and

professional issues. In order to facilitate learning and shared experiences at least two

students will share the same practicum location. The practicum period of about 4

weeks will provide a hands-on experience from working in a professional setting.

Lectures or other classroom teaching activities during practicum will be limited. After

the practicum period, students will have a 1-week period to prepare short internship

summary and an oral presentation.

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

The student must complete the requirements of the Internship Agreement and the

internship mentor at the host institution must confirm that this is done.

Grading Scale


Reading List

About 400 pages self-directed

Course Evaluation

The course will be evaluated in accordance with the Faculty of Psychology¿s routines

for participatory evaluation and the University of Bergen Quality Assurance System.

Programme Committee

Centre for crisis psychology, Faculty of Psychology

Course Coordinator

Centre for crisis psychology,

Course Administrator

Centre for crisis psychology, Faculty of Psychology


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