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Postgraduate course

Integrated Operations in Drilling and Production

  • ECTS credits10
  • Teaching semesterSpring, Autumn
  • Course codePTEK311
  • Number of semesters1
  • LanguageNorwegian
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Main content

Teaching semester

Irregular. The course will run spring 2020 i enough students enroll.

Objectives and Content

The course will provide an introduction to important concepts, methods and computer tools within real-time reservoir and production management. The course will go through the principles and techniques behind the drilling, directional drilling and placement of the wellbore with respect to the optimization of production. Exercises are used in this course to show this.

Learning Outcomes

After the course PTEK311 the student will be able to:

  • discuss how the reservoir- and production engineers tools and work tasks are performed through a combination of computer models, real time instrumentation and new work processes
  • explain key elements such as data filtering, data compression and presentation, as well as the interaction effect between automatic well test analysis, decline-curve analysis, material balance and real-time data for reservoir and production management
  • explain the principles behind drilling, petrophysical measurements while drilling, directional drilling and geosteering
  • discuss how collaboration technology makes possible the integration of various disciplines for remote operation and precision placement of the wellbore for the optimization of production rate and lifetime of the well
  • discuss the use of change management to integrate disciplines, technology and human in one interaction process

Recommended Previous Knowledge

The first 4 semesters of the bachelor programme in petroleumtechnology, plus PTEK213.

Forms of Assessment

Oral exam

Grading Scale

The grading scale used is A to F. Grade A is the highest passing grade in the grading scale, grade F is a fail.


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