Postgraduate course

Master in Health Sciences - RAB

  • ECTS credits6
  • Teaching semesterSpring, Autumn
  • Course codeRAB333
  • Number of semesters1
  • LanguageNorwegian/English
  • Resources

Teaching semester


Objectives and Content


To give the student advanced knowledge and understanding in a specific field of study


The contents are chosen according to the student`s specific field of study

Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, the students should be able to

- explain central concepts and theories in the chosen field of study, and analyze scientific problems related to these

- reflect critically over scientific and methodological problems related to the chosen curriculum

Recommended Previous Knowledge

HEL320A (Research Methods and Research Ethics) or equivalent

Teaching Methods and Extent of Organized Teaching


Reading of scientific papers and scientific literature stated in the student`s own and approved curriculum.

Forms of Assessment

Three days individual written home exam

Grading Scale


Reading List

The reading list is chosen by the student in collaboration with the supervisor and possibly other specialists, and must be approved by the RAB coordinator. The curriculum may be a mixture of scientific papers and scientific literature, which should be of a later date. The curriculum should be properly presented to make it assessable with regards to contents, level and volume.

300 pages correspond to 3 ECTS credits


Contact Information

Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care

e-mail: studie@igs.uib.no