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Dental Biomaterials

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Teaching semester

Autumn and spring

Objectives and Content

The discipline Dental Biomaterials addresses the materials used in dentistry (dental biomaterials, dental materials) used for restoration or prevention. The field includes an overview of the various types of materials, their properties and how they are handles. Biological, clinical, and formal aspects related to the materials used in dentistry are also presented.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the student will be able to:


  • explain the structure, composition, types of material reactions and characteristics of relevant groups of biomaterials

    • permanent and temporary restorative materials for direct and indirect techniques
    • materials for prevention of dental disease and teeth damage
    • other materials used in dental praxis
  • define the procedures for materials┬┐ handling
  • know the regulatory/legal aspects regarding choice and use of biomaterials
  • identify potential biological and clinical effects of biomaterials


  • choose biomaterials through critical evaluation based on knowledge of their characteristics and information from the producers and from independent sources
  • evaluate which materials can be used for treatment, taking also into consideration the materials already present in the patient┬┐s mouth
  • evaluate eventual unwanted reactions to materials
  • treat dental biomaterials in an adequate manner

General competence:

  • communicate to the population and answer questions related to dental materials
  • be aware that dental biomaterials is a discipline developing rapidly, therefore a continuous update with regard to knowledge and skills is needed, as well as the ways to achieve these

Access to the Course

Bachelor's Programme in Dental Hygiene

Teaching and learning methods

Instruction given as 12 lectures, 2 seminars and 1 demonstration (Total 15 hours).

Teaching Methods and Extent of Organized Teaching

Instruction is given as lectures

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Compulsory attendance at 2 seminars and 1 demonstration

Forms of Assessment

2 hour written examination

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Course Evaluation

Written evaluation on My Space/Mi side.


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