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Postgraduate course

Selected Topics in German Linguistics (SAK)

  • ECTS credits15
  • Teaching semesterAutumn
  • Course codeTSAK319
  • Number of semesters1
  • LanguageGerman
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Main content

ECTS Credits


Level of Study


Teaching semester


Place of Instruction


Lectures from NTNU will be video conferenced to UiB.

Objectives and Content

TSAK319 covers a limited area related to contemporary German linguistics, where empirical, theoretical and methodological questions will be discussed, preferably from a contrastive point of view. Through working with selected topics, the students will become familiar with empirical/corpus based work, i.e. through the use of electronic corpus. The students will be able to specialize in a chosen area by working on the term paper.

TSAK319 is recommended for all students planning to write a master's thesis in linguistics.

Learning Outcomes


The student

  • has in-depth theoretical and empirical knowledge of a limited topic related to contemporary German linguistics
  • has in-depth knowledge of methods related to the discipline
  • has knowledge about important contrastive differences between German and Norwegian related to the selected topic


The student

  • can use and reflect independently on theoretical and methodological approaches related to a limited research area
  • can present, analyse and compare different presentations, theories and methods related to the discipline
  • can use a precise linguistic set of terminology in German
  • can find relevant sources and bibliographies, and use these critically in order to structure and formulate scientific arguments related to the discipline in German
  • can reflect over (i.e. present, discuss, analyse) important contrastive differences between Norwegian and German related to the discipline

General competence

The student

  • can plan and conduct an independent, limited research project under supervision and in German
  • can use a scientific set of terminology when discussing a complex topic
  • can present and relate to scientific issues, analysis and conclusion related to contemporary German linguistics, using an appropriate scientific language, both orally and in writing.
  • can use his/her knowledge and skill in new areas in order to complete advanced tasks and projects

Required Previous Knowledge

Bachelor degree with a specialisation in German of at least 80 credits or similar.

Access to the Course

The course is open to all with admission to the Master's programme in German at UiB/NTNU

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, seminars and exercises, in which students are expected to participate actively.

Lectures from NTNU is conducted via the internet.

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

A short written summary of about 600 words of a text from the reading list.

An approved paper of about 2000 words written in German.

Students must attend at least half of the lectures.

Forms of Assessment

A written paper due after two weeks of about 4000 words, excluding list of contents, exam question and bibliography. The paper must be written in German.

Grading Scale

The grading scale A-F is used, where F is a fail.

Assessment Semester

Autumn. An exam will be offered early in the Spring semester for students who passed the obligatory requirements

Reading List

The reading list is announced in connection with the lectures. The curriculum consists of a shared reading list of about 250 pages, in addition to about 100-150 pages of elective readings, which must be approved by the teacher.

Course Evaluation

The teaching is evaluated according to the quality assurance system of the two universities.

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