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Undergraduate course

German Language II

  • ECTS credits10
  • Teaching semesterAutumn
  • Course codeTYS115
  • Number of semesters1
  • LanguageGerman
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Main content

Level of Study


Teaching semester


Place of Instruction


Objectives and Content

The course consists of two parts.

The first part is a course in German grammar that covers the use of German modal verbs and verbal syntax (the infinite verb forms, conjunctive and passive) needed to express complex sentences and written German. The second part is a basic course in language sounds (phonetics / phonology).

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the course, the student is expected to:


- have thorough knowledge of German grammar / language structure on a number of central topics (e.g., conjunctive, infinite syntax and passive)

- have good basic knowledge of German phonetics / phonology

- have basic knowledge of academic linguistic terminology (and knowledge of phonetic transcription using IPA signs)


- be able to use basic German grammar and academic phonetic / phonological terminology

- be able to describe and analyze relatively complicated structures in the German language

- be able to use simple syntactic analytic tools and basic phonetic transcription

General competence

- be equipped to develop his/her own practical and theoretical expertise in the German language

- be well prepared for studying German at the 200 level

Required Previous Knowledge

No formal requirements, but all teaching takes place in German and requires good proficiency in German.

Recommended Previous Knowledge

It is advised that students first complete TYS105 or the equivalent.

Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap

Due to certain academic overlaps the credit count for TYS115 is reduced by 10 credits if combined with TYS113, TYS113-F or with TYS623.

Access to the Course

The course is open to all students admitted to the University of Bergen.

Teaching and learning methods

Teaching includes lectures that presuppose active participation on the part of the students, as well as a language exercise class.

Two two-hour lectures and one two-hour practice colloquium weekly for 12 weeks.

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Students must attend at least 75 % of the teaching sessions.

In the course of the semester, two short exercises, one concerning grammar and one on sound learning, are to be handed in.

All work requirements in the course must be approved by the academic instructor before the candidate can take the written examination.

Mandatory assignments are valid for one additional semester following the semester of instruction.

Forms of Assessment

The assessment in the course is a four-hour written exam, which may be conducted digitally.

Examination Support Material

A single-language German dictionary.

Grading Scale

The grading scale is A¿F, where F is a fail.

Assessment Semester

Autumn. Students with valid approvals on their mandatory assignments may also be assessed early in the fall semester.

Reading List

The syllabus includes key elements of German grammar, phonology and language exercises.

The reading list will be ready by 1 Jun for the fall semester, and 1 Dec for the spring semester.

Course Evaluation

Evaluation of the course is carried out in accordance with the University of Bergen quality assurance system.

Programme Committee

The program committee is responsible for the academic content and structure of the study program, and for the quality of all the subjects therein.

Course Coordinator

The Program Board for German Studies.

Course Administrator

The Department of Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Humanities has the administrative responsibility for the course and the study program.


The Department of Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Humanities has the administrative responsibility for the course and the study program.

Exam information

  • For written exams, please note that the start time may change from 09:00 to 15:00 or vice versa until 14 days prior to the exam.

  • Type of assessment: Written examination at home

    04.03.2021, 09:00
    5 hours
    Withdrawal deadline
    Examination system
    Digital exam