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PhD course

The use of theory within educational research

  • ECTS credits3
  • Teaching semesterSpring, Autumn
  • Course codeWNGERII907
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Main content

Course description

Course content


The use of theory within educational research:

  • Theoretical positioning in a doctoral thesis
  • Theory in different educational research designs
  • How to explain the mechanisms in theory with relevance to the target group/field?
  • Examples of how to compare and contrast different theories or perspectives in light of your synopsis and the papers
  • Examples of theoretical scientific articles within educational research
  • ¿Grand theories¿ versus ¿Home ground¿ theories within educational research
  • Theory as part of the overall Theoretical framework in the articles and in the synopsis

Credits (ECTS)

1 or 3 ECTS Credits

Specific terms

Form of assessment

The assessment criteria at the Faculty of Psychology will be used.

1 ECTS: 80 % attendance during lectures

Pass or fail

3 ECTS: Pass included 80 % attendance during lectures and approval of academic paper (2500-3000 words) where the Phd candidate demonstrates how he or she can perform a scientific article in his or her own project. The paper will be assessed (approved/revise and resubmit) by the course coordinator or instructor. The workload for the paper is estimated to be 2 weeks. The Phd-candidate should set aside enough time for work with the prescribed course texts and the paper before the set submission deadline.

Addtional information

Supplementary course information

Teaching will be organized as lectures and cases at the University of Bergen. In addition, the course will have digital elements integrated in the course design (e.g. ¿flipped classroom¿).

The Phd-candidates¿ project descriptions will form the basis for further discussion regarding scientific articles in light of project foci and research questions. The Phd-candidates will become aware of the role of scientific articles have in their own PhD-projects.

Course location

Universitetet i Bergen