Centre for Deep Sea Research

Vision and mission

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The deep sea is one of the least explored areas on Earth. To date, much is still unknown about its geodynamics, ecosystems and resources. The Centre for Deep Sea Research, located in Bergen, Norway, is approaching deep sea exploration in an interdisciplinary manner. We are working towards turning the Centre into an international flagship for ground-breaking research and aim to be pioneers in deep sea discoveries. With our research, we strive to expand the current knowledge about the environments of the deep ocean and their geological and biological resource potential.  


We are committed to our vision, and in order to achieve it, we are advancing knowledge about the geological development, biologic adaptation, biodiversity and potential mineral resources. Our multifaceted team of researchers and technicians works closely together to better understand how geological, chemical, and biological processes are connected in complex deep-sea environments like seafloor hydrothermal systems. We transfer knowledge from basic research and technology to applied problem sets and we are linking science, innovation, education, technology and industry by collaborating with the Bergen Marine Research Cluster, other marine research communities, local and national subsea industries, and international deep submergence and ocean observation facilities.   

Our research is carried out within five thematically distinct multidisciplinary groups, which are closely interconnected. Geographical areas of particular interest to us are the Norwegian-Greenland Sea and the Arctic Ocean, and we focus on, but do not limit our research to these waters.