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Completed MSc projects

18 MSc students have completed their projects at the K.G. Jebsen Centre for Deep Sea Research since 2017. In addition, the centre has hosted several exchange students that have now completed their MSc projects.

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The list below displays completed MSc projects at the centre.

StudentProject titelMain supervisorCompleted
Thomas ViflotEvidence for extensive conductive cooling and microbial carbon transformations in diffuse hydrothermal fluids from Loki´s Castle Vent FieldEoghan Reeves2019
Hannah BabelMetabolic properties of hyperthermophilic sulfate-reducing archaea of the genus Archaeoglobus in deep-sea hydrothermal vent systemsIda Helene Steen2019
Ida Marie LervågCharacterization of novel viral proteins - A potential for bioprospectingRuth-Anne Sandaa 2019
Christine Holberg ØstensvigA faunistic study of the amphipod-fauna of Hjeltefjord, West NorwayAnne Helene Tandberg2019
Solveig Lie OnstadSeafloor accretion along a magma starved spreading ridgeCédric Hamelin2018
Henrike WilbornFormation proceses and environment for jasper and chert deposits on the West coast of Norway: a textural and geochemical studyIngunn Thorseth2017
Håvard StubseidGeological evolution and stratigraphic relationships of the ophiolitic terrane in the outer Hardangerfjord area: evidence from geochronology and geochemistryRolf Birger Pedersen2017
Vilde BakkeVolcanic rocks at the Møre Marginal High: geochemistry, petrogenesis and emplacement mechanismsRolf Birger Pedersen2017
Andreas Lambach VikenAccretionary history of Lower Ordovician island arc complexes on Bømlo: evidence from detrital zircon dating and geochemical dataRolf Birger Pedersen2017
Andreas SæbøIzu-Bonin rear-arc magmatism: geochemical investigation of volcanoclastic materialCédric Hamelin2017
Randi StoreideGeochemistry of lava samples collected near the oceanic detachments at 13°N along the Mid-Atlantic RidgeCédric Hamelin2017
Tarje LyngtveitGeochemical and microtextural characteristics reflect the formation mechanics of laminated iron deposits at the Perle & Bruse and Troll Wall vent fieldsIngunn Thorseth2017
Signe HaukelidsæterTextural and geochemical characteristics of iron deposits at the Jan Mayen vent field: implications for formation mechanismsIngunn Thorseth2017
Ole Johan HornenesUnraveling distinctive sulfide mineralization and hydrothermal alteration on shallow seafloor hydrothermal systemsFilipa Marques2017
Cassandra BerntsenBenthic ecology and trophic interactions at Loki's Castle vent fieldHans Tore Rapp2017
Hilde DybevikRevision of the family Heteropiidae (Porifera, Calcarea) in the northernmost North Atlantic OceanHans Tore Rapp2017
Nicholas HawkesEpibenthic megafauna associated with sponge grouns formed by the unique glass sponge Vazella pourtalesii in Emerald Basin, Nova Scotia, CanadaHans Tore Rapp2017
Tone UlvatnA reverse taxonomic approach to assess the community composition of sponge grounds in the Nordic SeasHans Tore Rapp2017