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Oceanic core complexes in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea

PhD project of Anders Bjerga

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Oceanic core complexes in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea


Rolf Birger Pedersen, Cédric Hamelin

Project description

Tectonic dominated spreading leads to uplift and exposure of upper mantle and lower crustal material on the seafloor in oceanic core complexes. Despite their widespread occurrence, oceanic core complexes have largely been unexplored along the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridges (AMOR). In this project, we will study extinct and active oceanic core complexes in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea in order to shed light on the crustal accretion at ultraslow spreading rates. Extensive water-rock interaction takes place where water comes in contact with mantle rocks. In order to decipher the alteration history of exposed mantle rocks we will use petrography and geochemistry.