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Bottom structures in the Aurlandsfjord/Flåm: Active or inactive leakage structures (pockmarks) - formation, age and (bio)geochemical processes

MSc project of Amalie Mathiassen

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Bottom structures in the Aurlandsfjord/Flåm: Active or inactive leakage structures (pockmarks) - formation, age and (bio)geochemical processes 


Ingunn Hindenes Thorseth, Haflidi Haflidason, Christian Haug Eide, Helge Henriksen (HVL) 

Project description

In the fjord basin outside Flåm, some bottom structures (pockmarks) have been identified, which have not been possible to relate to any specific geological process. Several hypotheses have been launched. One possible explanation is the discharge of groundwater either from the bedrock structures or from the bottom sediments. Another possibility is that they are formed from shallow gas, either episodically or by a single incident. 

In this project, we will investigate whether the geochemical composition of the pore water in the sediments indicates the penetration of fresh water from the subsurface.