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Interview of Rasmus Rikter-Svendsen

Read about Rasmus' impressions while he was a master student with us few years ago.

Rasmus Rikter Svendsen

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What do you think about Bergen as a place to study?  

Bergen is a great city for students! The university campus is very central with a short distance to everything from student pubs to mountaintops. The city itself is very student friendly with a lot of student discounts at events like concerts. Hiking opportunities are also abundant in and around Bergen, so there is a lot of stuff to do! Field trips are a central part of studying Earth Science at UiB, which means you get to travel a lot of exiting places both around Bergen and to other countries. The geology of western Norway is really unique, so as an earth science student it is absolutely an excellent city. 

Why did you apply for a Master project within the Jebsen Centre?  

I did my bachelor's degree in geology at UiB, where we learned a bit of different aspects of geology. I have always found the deep sea and hydrothermal vents exiting and therefore thought that a master working with data from this kind of environment would be awesome. When applying, I didn't really know what kind of projects were available, but luckily, I found a project at the Jebsen Centre and thought it sounded very interesting. 

What is your project about? 

For my master project I work with images, temperature- and chemical data from the Loki's Castle hydrothermal vent field at a depth of over 2000m.The goal of my project is to calculate the amount of energy that is emitted into the seawater from the earth interior in this area, in addition to the amount of water and chemicals that is spewed out. (Read more about his project here: Link to his project description) 

How do you like working on your own project in the Jebsen Centre?  

The Jebsen Centre is absolutely amazing to work with. Most of the scientists and students are located at the same floor next to each other, so help is always nearby if I need it. I have not yet started to work full time with my project as the first year of the study is mainly for taking relevant classes, so I will see how it turns out next year. One of the best things about the Jebsen centre is the atmosphere. There are lots of social events going on such as Halloween parties, skiing trips and interesting seminars, and a good environment in general. 

What has been the highlight of doing your master's degree here so far?  

The highlight definitely has to be the annual deep sea research cruise where I got to participate last summer. It was one month of field work where we traveled to the Norwegian-Greenland Sea to collect samples from the ocean floor. It was amazing to be part of such a large project. We also have an office for all the master students at the Jebsen Centre which is great. Everyone has their own desk, and if we need any equipment such as computer screens it is readily available. 

Do you have any tips for potential future students wanting to take their master's degree at UiB and the Jebsen Centre? 

I had already done my bachelor's degree at UiB so I was familiar with the department and city before applying, but for new students I would recommend asking for information! There is a lot of information online, but there is also a bunch of very helpful people that will gladly help you with applying for a master project. If you know in what general direction you want to go, potential supervisors can also help guide you in the right direction or even create a project for you. 

Here are some of my favourite spots in Bergen (in no particular order): 

1. Nordnesparken 

A great area for a Sunday stroll or grilling in the summer. There are also swimming opportunities nearby if the weather allows it. 

2. Café spesial 

Ridiculously cheap and delicious food with an awesome beer selection as well. Located in the middle of all the university buildings, so it is always crowded by students and faculty staff alike. Maybe Bergen’s best pizza as well. 

3. Bergen kaffebrenneri (Møhlenpris) 

Bergen’s best coffee can be found here, and on Sundays there is a car boot sale outside where you can fill all your thrifting needs. 

4. marg & bein 

Awesome food close to MatNat. The food is on the weirder side, with dishes like beef cheeks and bone marrow, but the quality of the food is superb. 

5. Mount Ulriken 

The highest point in the Bergen area takes quite a while to climb, but the view from the top is well worth it.