Dragefjellet Centre of Learning and Communication

Technical equipment

Dragefjellet centre of learning and communication is equipped to meet most needs within media production. The centre is aiming at delivering quality in all steps in the production chain, and to be able to reach these goals we have invested in quality technical production equipment.

Assembling production equipment
Dragefjellet centre for learning and communication

Main content

The centeres portofolio of equipment can handle most types of media productions. In the studio bigger productions with multiple cameras can be made, and we are equipped to record or stream lectures and seminars. Especially when it comes to streaming of lectures and other digitisation of the student activities we have built up a lot of experience since we started in 2015.

We are also equipped to do bigger productions out in the field. 

The produciton equippment at the centre is of the highest quality, and the aim is to make sure that there is quality from start to beginning in all productions. The (produksjonsassistent) is also well trained to handle the equipment and is always looking for the pest possible solutions for all producitons. We have experience from all kinds of production.