Center for Diabetes Research
Traditional half-day seminar 2017 at Urdihuset

Autumn seminar 2017 for KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research

The main topics for the seminar were biobanking, possible collaborations and user participation.

Main content

On Wednesday 25th of October, the traditional half-day autumn-seminar was held at Urdihuset. This year’s event began with a series of short 3-minute "thesis presentations" by PhD students from the centre. Here they were challenged to use three minutes to present their projects in an easy-to-understand manner. The presentations were really excellent and we all agree that this is a format that we will make an annual event for years to come. A jury selected Jan-Inge Bjune as the winner of the friendly presentation competition. Well deserved Jan-Inge!

The second part of the meeting was devoted to biobanking and possible collaborations.
Ann Cathrine Kroksveen, Leader of the Biobank at the Haukeland University Hospital, provided an overview of the new and important biobank facility at the hospital, while Valeriya Lyssenko and Johan Fernø described a number of current projects where biobanking and collaborations have been key to success.

The third session was devoted to user participation in research studies.
Oscar Tranvåg, Postdoktor at Høgskolen in Bergen and SEFAS held an inspirational talk on their experiences of including user-involvement as an integral part of the entire research process. Next followed Simon Dankel with his experiences of “user participation in design of lifestyle intervention studies”. Lastly, Bjørnar Allgott, the general secretary of the Norwegian Diabetes Association held a key note lecture on “Persons with diabetes - not only research animals but also co-workers. Why? How?” Bjørnar Allgott finished his talk with a 10 000 NOK donation on behalf of the Norwegian Diabetes Association to the KG Jebsen Diabetes Centre!

The event ended with the traditional dinner and great atmosphere among all participants!

We thank all speakers and participants for making this a very successful meeting!