Center for Diabetes Research


The Center will achieve its vision of uncovering causes of diabetes and develop treatment methods by integrating the findings from large-scale genetic investigations and model systems with clinical research.

The research group.
KG Jebsen senter for diabetesforskning. Bildet er fra oppstarten av senteret i juni 2012.

Diagnostic tools will be developed based on genetic and non-genetic biomarkers, which will be validated in population-based data samples and processed for clinical application and dissemination.

Three major areas of research have been defined, which will provide a foundation for improvement in clinical care:

  1. To identify and validate genetic and epigenetic risk or protective factors for diabetes subforms and associated traits combining large biobanks and clinical registries with cutting-edge research approaches.
  2. To find novel treatment targets and innovative treatment strategies by unraveling and understanding novel mechanisms predisposing to or causing different stages of diabetes development.
  3. To promote preventative strategies and implement individualized diabetes care by developing clinical tools for prediction of diabetes and its complications.

Professor Pål Rasmus MD PhD Njølstad leads the KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research. He was recently awarded a European Research Council Advanced Grant (ERC AdG). Click here to read more about our genetic testing.  You can also visit our Facebook page.


Scientific advisory board

Prof. Leif Groop, Lund University; Prof. Peter Arner, Karolinska Institute; Prof. Karen Temple, University of Southampton