Center for Diabetes Research

Scientific meetings

Scientific presentations from international partners or from members of the research group.

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15. June – Opening of the research center

19. June - intern seminar med prof. David Meyre

13. December: Node 5: Rolv Terje Lie: Cohort studies


16. January: Node 3: Simon Dankel: Biomarkers and functional studies

13. February: Node 4: Yunpeng Ding: "MTHFD1 and risk of acute myocardial infarction".

13. MarCh: Node 1: Helge Ræder: "Update on the studies of iPSCs and secretin-stimulated duodenal juice in patients with pancreatic disease".

17. April: Node 5: Øyvind Helgeland: "Introduction to the ERC-project: Novel Tools for Early Childhood Predisposition to Obesity and Diabetes"

12. June: Node 3: Christine Haugen: "IRX5 and obesity: An on-going functional study"

11. DeCember: Node 3: Vivian Veum: Comparison of two weight-reducing diets in overweight men.


8. January: Node 4: Eva Ringdal Pedersen: Vitamin B6/PAR

8. MaY: Node 1 / 3: Laeya Najmi: Functional characteristic of HNF1A; risk factor/cause of type 2 diabetes?

5. juni: Node 1: Pål Njølstad: Genom analysis in the mother child cohort  - New possibilities

4. Sept: Node 2: Karianne Fjeld: A recombination allele of the lipase gene CEL and its pseudogene CELP encodes a hybrid protein and is a genetic risk factor for chronic pancreatitis.