Center for Diabetes Research

Two new diabetes research projects

Two groups within KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research have received funding from the prestigious research program FRIMEDBIO awarded by the Norwegian Research Council.


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This concerns the following projects:

  1. Rare Genetic Variants in Childhood Diabetes: Improving Diagnostics and Treatment  of Childhood Diabetes by Next-Generation Sequencing.
  2. A life without SCHAD: Novel implications for insulin-body weight interplay.

The first project, led by Professor Paul R. Njølstad, will examine whether there are different types of childhood diabetes that can be treated with different types of medication. Better diagnosis of childhood diabetes is sought using information from gene sequencing in conjunction with clinical data.

The second project, led by Professor Anders Molven, will examine how insulin secretion is controlled and look at the potential impact of the regulation of body weight. It is based on our previous studies of a family with congenital low blood sugar.

The groups are looking forward to start the new projects early 2015.