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New master student: Constantin Berger

A warm welcome to Constantin who will have an internship at KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research for three months (till the end of October 2015).

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Constantin Berger obtained his Bachelor degree at the Julius-Maximilians Universitity in Wuerzburg, Germany, where he worked on the differentiation of mESC to intestine cells (title: “Time-dependent characterization of intestine cells derived from murine embryonic stem cells in vitro”).

Currently Constantin is enrolled to the master program “Biomedical Science” at the Julius-Maximilians Universitity in Wuerzburg (due date September 2016). He has joined node 6 (the group of Helge Ræder) for an internship to gather experience in the field of iPSC reprogramming and directed pancreatic in vitro differentiation. By testing different experimental conditions Costantin aims to establish an optimized protocol for pancreatic differentiation of iPSC cells generated from fibroblasts of MODY patients.

In this regard he is collaborating with the group of Prof. Kamal Mustafa (Department of Clinical Dentistry, UiB) where he is going to perform 3D differentiation experiments under dynamic culture using a bioreactor. Furthermore, the work of Constantin is supported by the Fraunhofer Institute in Wuerzburg, which provide an in house manufactured acellularised intestine scaffold (SISmuc/SISser) for differentiation purposes.