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Constantin has left Bergen

After 3 month at the KG Jebsen Center in the group of Helge Ræder, Constantin returned to Germany where he will start working on his master thesis at the University of Wuerzburg.

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During his time in Bergen he together with the team of the Ræder group succeeded in the generation of MODY-1 patient derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Final assays for an extensive characterization of the generated cells are performed currently to confirm this success.

Furthermore, Constantins work contributed to the establishment of a differentiation protocol for the generation of pancreatic progenitor cells derived from iPSCs. In a first attempt a small amount of cells were successfully transformed to pancreatic progenitor cells. In future experiments the differentiation efficiency shall be increased by the improvement of culture conditions. In Collaboration with Professor Mustafa Kamal from the Department of Clinical Dentistry as well as the group around Dr. Marco Metzger from the Fraunhofer IGB in Wuerzburg, Constantin began with the work of a modified differentiation protocol using an acellularised porcine intestine matrix (SISmuc/SISser). Currently the group is about to finish the experiments to present the eagerly awaited results of this first test. This interesting approach will be continued by the Ræder group in future.